Readefine 0.92

Newspaper-style RSS reader


  • Read your feeds in newpaper style
  • Import Google Reader feeds
  • Configurable


  • Poor interface design
  • No video support


Readefine is an RSS reader than restyles web articles so they resemble classic newspaper column inches.

RSS feeds are a great way to get articles from sites you like all in the same place. Readefine, like any RSS Reader allows you to collect your RSS feeds together, and browse them within the app.

As well as adding feeds manually, if you use Google Reader, the browser based RSS app, you can import your feeds from that account. Readefine is an Adobe Air application, which means it's cross platform, but also means it's a little more resource heavy than it need be.

While Readefine's newspaper style does look good, and makes reading really comfortable, the interface itself isn't as well designed or easy to use as it could be. You can't open feed folders you've imported from Google Reader, and the Share button doesn't do much.

Readefine is slower and less user friendly than other readers, and the newspaper style should probably have been kept for the articles themselves, because it's a bit of a mess to look at all over the interface.

Despite these criticisms, if you like reading newspaper style columns, you will like Readefine.



Readefine 0.92

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